Delivery Information

Customize to paid merchant to receive Free Shipping charge within any notice or campaign.

Until your order is delivered to you by the shipping company, the electrician will make every effort to get the material complete and sound.

When you choose the order, you will be prepared for you according to your preference. The invoice and delivery note certificate will be sent to you by mail afterwards.

Provide different delivery and billing addresses to ensure that your receipt reaches you, your order to a different adrese, warehouse or work site.

If your order is ready for shipment, you can get approval for the delivery time of your birthday, happy day or the extension of the olympic time, long-term delivery time, or cancellation of your order for your long-term delivery.

The Transportation Warehouse is delivered on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and holidays.

Transport Warehouses Do not deliver on Sundays, public holidays and holidays.

The Transportation Ambulance can be delivered from the city center of the Transport Warehouse.

Check the products you ordered in your delivery. we will definitely check the missing or complete products of the product.

You can contact us by using the contact form for all your questions and problems in these matters.