About Us

since 2012 the name of the most powerful online shopping vendors of materials in the electric sector in Turkey. We came to today with the dreams we have established and the targets we have reached. We developed online shopping, we made a difference in service understanding. Both grown and loved!

Today, as the leader of online shopping in the Electricity Sector in Turkey; We strive to deliver the best product at the most affordable price to thousands of our members, wherever they are. We continue to grow and grow e-commerce.

Thank you for choosing us, we wish you good shopping.

Established in 2012 within Ansan Electric, elektrikcidukkani.com continues to be a determinant of Internet standards with its innovative product and service applications.


We continue to proceed confidently on the path we are going to sell at the wholesale price of many companies' products at the wholesale price for all the electric companies and the actual user called the users.

elektrikcidukkani.com constantly renewing itself to give a better service to users by investing in technology, we are making all the investments and work our best to be Turkey's most popular industry website.

our vision

Anatolian city with all the services we provide evidence that could also be one of the best out of a firm of Turkey on standards

Our mission

Being a company that creates value for our employees and customers as a first choice of customers with our products, solutions, reliability and business ethics that we provide with our after sales services.